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Pigging Equipment

BKW has developed and patented pigging equipment
that advances pigging into the 21st Century.

Pig and Sphere Traps
Pig and Sphere Traps by BKW, Inc.
Includes special purpose launchers and receivers, sub sea retrievable traps, multiple automatic pig launchers and receivers

Piggable "Y" and Switches
Piggable Y's and Switches from BKW, Inc.
Two into one custom design for pigs, spheres or both. One into two Pig Switches.

Pig Trap Trays Pig Trap Trays
Capacities to 12,000 lbs with elevation and lateral movements, drip pans and pig pulling and pushing devices

Pig Trap Jib Cranes Pig Trap Jib Cranes
360 degree rotation with hand or motorized hoists

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Apr, 2018 12" ANSI 150 3-Way Switch    
Nov, 2017 12" ANSI 600 3-Way Switch Feb, 2018 Custom fabricated Y's and Switches
Aug, 2017 12" and 8" 3-way Switch ANSI 600 Oct, 2017 4" Y ANSI 300 w/30 degree angle on legs
Jan, 2017 BKW 24" Y Jul, 2017 Pig Switches-12" and 8", Ball Release Pins
Mar, 2016 Y's, Ball Hooks Nov, 2016 Pig Switches & 16" ANSI 600 Ball Lauch Pins
May, 2015 12" ANSI 600 Y June, 2015 12" Pig Switch, 30" Slug Catcher
Mar, 2015 12" Pig Switch, 3 way Apr., 2015 Y's - 6" and 10"
Dec, 2014 24" straight run pig switch Feb, 2015 Pig Trap
Feb, 2014 Switches, Ys, Ball Pins & Hooks Apr, 2014 Hydro Tested two 12" ANSI 600
Dec, 2013 Pig Switches, Ball Launch Pins Jan, 2014 Switches, 3-way, Ys
Oct, 2013 Pig Trap Tray, Y's Nov, 2013 Piggable Ys
Nov, 2012 Y's May, 2012 Switch
Oct, 2012 Pig Trap/Y Cost Comparison Mar, 2012 Skid Mount Pig Launcher
Sept, 2012 Y's Feb, 2012 Cain jack, Y's
Aug, 2012 Ball Launcher, Ball Hooks, Y Jan, 2012 Y's for gas gathering system
July, 2012 Y's, Switches Dec, 2011 Ball Launch Pins
June, 2012 Switch x 3 Nov, 2011 Y's, Pig Trap Tray


BKW specializes in pigging equipment that is not standard "off the shelf" items. BKW will provide conceptual design and fabrication to meet a client's needs. Unusual designs have included:

  • Pig trap trays that elevate pigs and inserts and removes the pig into and out of the trap.

  • A piggable 'Y' capable of sphere and pig passage.

  • Pig Switches for pigging two pipelines from one pipeline. Manual or remote operation,

  • Removable sphere and pig launcher devices for vertical launchers on offshore platforms.

  • Pig and sphere hauling equipment for ease of pig and sphere handling, both offshore and onshore, including baskets, trailers and tongs.

BKW specializes in custom pigging equipment for a variety of pigging problems. Consultation with the clients concerning operating procedures, service and pigging goals will achieve a successful pigging system. BKW designs, fabricates and installs the right pigging system for your needs.

Pig Traps can be furnished complete with valve blow downs, skid mounted and ready to go to work. Only two tie-ins are required and they are in and out.

BKW can provide trap barrels modified for smart pig extensions for frequent cleaning pig runs and with an occasional smart pig run.

BKW designs sub sea pig launcher and receiver barrels that are retrievable for surface loading and unloading.

BKW fabricates sphere release mechanisms for normal sphere launching, pins for vertical pig and sphere launchers and rockers for large diameter vertical launchers.

BKW's multiple automatic pig launchers are used in remote locations providing pigging without on-site labor.

BKW pig trap trays and jib cranes are used to enhance the loading and unloading of large diameter pigs. Trays can be equipped with hydraulic rams for loading and hydraulic winches for unloading. Trays are also equipped with 360 jib cranes, tray bridles, rails and elevating devices.

BKW designs and fabricates pig hauling equipment and trailers for highway, helicopter or offshore service.

BKW designs and fabricates piggable 'Y's for a variety of operating problems. In addition, BKW provides sphere 'Y's and sphere tees.

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10" ANSI 600 Sphere Launcher Skid Mounted with manline block valve and 3" blowdowns. 10" ANSI 600 Sphere Receiver skid mounted with mainline block valve and 3" blowdowns 16" ANSI 600 Pig Launcher Skid Mounted with trap valve and side tee
10" ANSI 600 Sphere Launcher Skid Mount 10" ANSI 600 Sphere Receiver by BKW, Inc. 16" ANSI 600 Pig Launcher skid mounted by BKW Inc.
30" Launcher Tray
with Gas Operation
42" Launcher Tray
with hydraulic power pack
30" Launcher Tray, Gas Operated, galvanized, for offshore operation
30" Launcher Tray with gas operation by BKW Inc. 42" Launcher Tray with hydraulic power pack by BKW Inc. 30" Launcher Tray, galvanized for offshore operation by BKWInc
30", 24" and 10" Ball Hooks 20" Ball Hook  
30", 24" and 10" Ball Hooks by BKW, Inc. 20" Ball Hook by BKW, Inc. If you have a problem, BKW, Inc. has a solution!
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Testing for Pig Blast from 12" Pig Receiver Release Device for Pig Blast Text Test Rig for Pig Blast from 12" pipe
Testing for Pig Blast by BKW, Inc. Release device for pig blast test by BKW, Inc. Test rig for  pig blast from 12" pipe by BKW, Inc.


Multiple Diameter Pipe Section to test Multiple Diameter pigs, loading position Pipe Section in Pig Run Position Multiple Diameter Pipe Section with Check Valve
Testing multiple diameter pigs by BKW, Inc. Pipe section in pig run position by BKW, Inc. Multiple diameter pipe section with check valve by BKW, Inc.



BKW Receiver

BKW Receiver

3" ANSI 150 Launcher with Pig Stops
3" ANSI 150 Launcher with Pig Stops
3" ANSI 150 Captive
Pig Traps
3" ANSI 150 Captive Pig Traps
18" ANSI 600
Piggable Y
18" ANSI 600 Piggable Y

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BKW Home Pig Switches Tadpole Pig Pigging Equipment Anchors Slug Catcher
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