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Pipeline Anchors

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Field Testing offshore skid mounted anchor installation tool
Testing Expanding Anchor for Pipelne B ouyancy control.
Field Testing Offshore Skid Mounted Anchor Installation Tool.
Testing Expanding Anchor for Pipelne Bouyancy control.  Note wheels off ground.


BKW has developed and patented an Engineered Anchor System for Pipeline Hold Down. Our Anchoring System provides the reliability of concrete weighting at the cost of auger anchors. This unique system provides the following:

Soil Surveys

Installs a full size anchor to multiple soil depths and data is taken from actual pull tests for engineering recommendations.


Customized for the particular application using mechanical and concrete anchors to provide the most efficient hold down.

Bevel Anchors

Developed for rocky soils enabling easier penetration.

Hook Anchors

Developed for use on small diameter pipelines and for offshore areas.


Developed to reduce the cost of mechanical anchors

Installation Tool

A special tool for installing anchors that applies a pull test on each anchor to ensure adequate hold down.

Inspection and Documentation

A service provided to satisfy the pipeline owner that the pipeline has adequate hold down.


Provide labor and equipment to install anchors on offshore and onshore pipelines.

Sub Sea Installation Tool

Skid mounted tool for installing anchors on marine pipelines up to 42 inch diameter. Provides pull test to 30,000 lbs. on each anchor set.

Pipeline Anchor Designs

BKW provides several design options for anchoring pipelines. Applications include offshore, onshore, swamp or rock areas. BKW will customize an anchor system to fit the client's particular needs. This includes conceptual design and fabrication of the anchor system.

BKW Underwater Anchor BKW installing anchors in Oklahoma BKW soiltest in Oklahoma BKW anchor job in Washington BKW anchor job in Alabama BKW underwater auger anchor

The basic BKW anchor is the auger anchor. One anchor is used on each side of the pipe with a strap over the pipe connecting the anchors. However, in very low shear strength soils, the auger anchor can be replaced with expanding anchors or with a blade type anchor.

BKW will provide technicians on anchor installation jobs to instruct the installation crew in the proper installation technique and the testing of the anchors. In addition, the location and pull test on each anchor is recorded and documented to provide the pipeline owner with a permanent record.

The Most Rugged and Reliable Installation Tool Available


BKW's Installation Tool is proclaimed by the pipeline construction industry as "the most rugged and reliable installation tool available".

Its use on hydraulic backhoes installs anchors quicker and easier than anything else available thus ensuring contractors that the job will be done on time and within budget.

A load cell built into the Installation Tool facilitates the installed anchor pull test for GUARANTEED hold down performance

The Installation Tool is mounted on a skid for offshore anchor installation. The skid will install and test two anchors and attach a strap. All installation functions are operated from the tender deck or from an ROV.

Click here to read a classic article, "The Art of Pipeline Anchoring" by Brian C. Webb
published in the Pipeline and Gas Journal.

BKW is the leader in pipeline anchoring technology.

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