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BKW Recent Projects and News

 BKW Projects

April, 2018 12" ANSI 150 3-way Pig Switch and 8 Ball Launch Pins shipped
Mar, 2018 First class of Pipeline College, and it is free!
Feb, 2018 BKW custom fabricates Piggable Y's and Switches to make life easy for operators!
Dec, 2017 BKW, Inc. wishes you a Merry Christmas!
Nov, 2017 12" ANSI 600 3-Way Switch
Oct, 2017 4" Y ANSI 300 with a 30 degree angle between the legs
Sept, 2017 Auger Anchors were produced for a 30" pipeline in Dallas
Aug, 2017 12" and 8" 3-way Switch ANSI 600 shipped
July, 2017 12" ANSI 600 3-way Pig Switches, Ball Release Pins for 16" pipeline
June, 2017 Anchors installed
May, 2017 Roof Raising in Texas
April, 2017 New! - Tulsa Pipeline College is starting - See how it works!
Mar, 2017 Y's and announcement of Tulsa Pipeline Club College plans
Feb, 2017 8" Y ANSI 600 weld-in
Jan, 2017 BKW 24" Y
Dec, 2016 Wise Men
Nov, 2016 BKW Pig Switches and 16" ANSI 600 Ball Launch Pins
Oct, 2016 Custon Service Project for a client, testing a stand for pic cups.
Sept, 2016 8" ANSI 600 Y, 20" pig launcher pig trap tray
Aug, 2016 18" ANSI 300 Pig Switch
June, 2016 Roof Raising Project
May,2016 24" ANSI 300 Y, 90 degree
April, 2016 Pipeline Weights designed by BKW, Inc.
Mar, 2016 Y's, Ball Hooks, 8" ANSI 600 Y
Feb, 2016 8" Y ANSI 600, 5D RF and 2 30" ball hooks
Jan, 2016 20" ANSI 600 Y
Dec, 2015
8" ANSI Y's
Christmas Candy!
Nov, 2015 20" ANSI 600 3-way Pig Switch
Oct, 2015 24" ANSI 600 Swith, weld in, with a 90 degree lateral.
Sept, 2015 Custon Pigging for underwater applications
Aug, 2015 Custom Widgets to handle specialized pipeline equipment needs
July, 2015 The new "slot weight" to anchor pipelines in place
June, 2015 12" ANSI 600 Y 3-way Pig Switch, 30" Slug Catcher, Jib Crane
May, 2015 12" 45 ANSI 600 Y
Apr, 2015 Y's 6" and 10"
Mar, 2015 Pig Swith, 12", 3 way
Feb, 2015 Y's, Pig Trap
Jan, 2015 20" Piggable Y
Dec, 2014 24" ANSI 600, 90 Degree straight run Pig Switch
Nov, 2014 Auger Anchors
Oct, 2014 24" ANSI 600 Switch with a 5-diameter 90 degree bend
Sept, 2014 New BKW design of Pipeline Buoyancy Control - Slot Weight
Aug, 2014 14" Pig Launcher and Receivers
July, 2014 8" ANSI 600 Y, with a 3-diameter radius
June, 2014 Switch built in 1995 Malaysia
May, 2014 Two 12" ANSI 600 Switches
Apr, 2014 Hydro tested two 12" ANSI 600 switches
Mar,2014 Auger Anchors from BKW, Inc
Feb, 2014 Switches, Ys, Ball Pins, Ball Hooks
Jan, 2014 Switches (3-way), Ys
Dec, 2013 Pig Switches, Ball Launch Pins
Nov, 2013 Piggable Ys
Oct, 2013 Pig Trap Tray, Y's
Sept, 2013 Pig Switches
Aug, 2013 Pig Trap Trays, Y's
July, 2013 16" Ys
June, 2013 Pig Launcher, Ys
May, 2013 Ball Launch Pins, Ys
Apr, 2013 Custom Service, Ys
Mar, 2013 Anchors, Roof Raising
Feb, 2013 Ys, Gas Gathering System
Jan, 2013 Anchors
Dec, 2012
Pig Trap/Y Cost Comparison
Ball Launcher, Ball Hooks, Y
Ys, Switches
Roof Raising
ANSI 2500 Swith, Strain Test
Switch x 3
Jib Crain,  Engineering
Skid Mount Pig Launcher, Ball Hook
Chain Jack, Y Strain Test
8" x 6" Y
Ball Launch Pins
Ys, Pig Trap Tray
250,000 pound Chain Jack, Y's
Dam Plugs, 30"
Ball Launcher, Receivor
Ys, Ball Receiver, Skid Mount
Ball Launch Pins
Pig Trap Tray
3 Way Pig Switch
Pig Tray Tray, Anchors
Gas gathering system, Ys, Anchors
Sep, 2010
1/5 Amp Switches
Double Joint Exension
Internal Pig Cleaning Machine
Special Pig Stop Pin
Ball Launch Pins
Tad Pole Pig
Switch with Operator
Pig Trap Tray/Special Fitting
Ball Launch Pins, Switch
Switch, Anchors
Piggable Y, Swith
Special Demonstration Fitting
Anchor Survey
Tadpole Pig
Ys, Pig Launchers,
Piggable Y, 12" 600
Anchors for Buoyancy Control
BKW Designed and Fabricated Equipment to coat welds
BKW Roof Lift in Aurora, Illinois
Two 28-inch ANSI 300 Pig Switches Installed
Pig Switches, Auger Anchors, Roof Raising are just a few of the 2007 Projects at BKW, Inc.
Anchor Installation, Texas
BKW Roof Raising in Victoria, Texas
BKW underground Pigging Job at Cook Inlet, Alaska
New BKW Jack used for Cable Pull through J-Tube
New BKW Sphere Hook Announced
Design and Fabricate of Sizing Pigs
Special Honors
New Ball Cradle Designed and Ready
Three 2-mile Flow Lines
1,800 Anchors Installed Saving Millions
New BKW Rocker Release System

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BKW Home Pig Switches Tadpole Pig Pigging Equipment Anchors Slug Catcher
Engineering Support Custom Services Roof Raising redbox_new.gifR & D
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